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Welcome to Carlson Detective Agency!

pi2Carlson Detective Agency is a full service private investigation firm specializing in locating missing persons including adoptees, biological parents, siblings, other relatives, old friends, etc. - anywhere in the U.S.

Carlson Detective Agency also specializes in complete background searches, unlisted phone numbers, license and registration info, college education verification, criminal records active bank accounts info, nationwide utility records and any other information you wish to obtain or verify.

Carlson Detective Agency is owned and operated by Robert "Sid" Carlson, a Retired Massachusetts State Policeman. Sid, is also a Justice of the Peace & Notary in New Hampshire.

  • Troop D - Yarmouth, assigned to President Kennedy at Hyannisport.
  • Troop A - Andover, Topsfield, Lynnfield, Concord, Framingham.
  • Troop E - Headquarters, Mass Turnpike, Westin
  • Middlesex Attorney’s Office Cambridge
  • Attorney General’s Office - Boston
  • Special Service Unit - Boston
  • Major Crime Unit - Boston
  • Personal Aide to Governor Frank Sargent